The Lifecycle API Console, a Gateway to Data

May 23, 2017 Terry Densmore

Announced in the VersionOne Lifecycle Spring 2017 Release, the API Console is a tool that is useful to many different users interacting with Lifecycle.  The API Console is a place a user can go who has an interest in learning the Lifecycle API.  There are several reasons someone might want to use the API. A developer might be looking to code an integration with another system and Lifecycle.  A business analyst might have been given the task of coming up with reporting data.  A user might just want to tinker, there is a little bit of geek in everyone I’m told. Prior to the API Console there were a couple other options.

In the past it was quite typical for someone to just use their browser to build a query, something like  This would return the XML data back to you in your browser.  However, you typically run into limitations quickly. Then, there is the http.html page that many people didn’t even know about that allowed similar functionality to the API Console but was not as user friendly.  Let’s take a look at what the API Console has to offer.
API Console
You must be asking yourself, how do I even get to this goodness?  Have no fear it is easy, if your instance is simply use to get here. As you can see from the screenshot we have a URL field that will allow you to build a query. In this example the user performed a get for a project (scope).  The response came back and returned highlighted properly formatted XML.   Using a drop down the user can select to receive the response back in JSON as well.  You can use the API Console to build queries that you might use in your actual code for say a custom report or an integration between Lifecycle and another system.  With the Post option you can manipulate live data which is handy as well!

Using the drop down, switch from get to post and actions can be performed to manipulate actual data within Lifecycle.  Again, something that is useful for a developer needing to learn how to interact with the API for an integration between two systems. The request tab will provide a payload area for adding the data required for the update. So, yes the API Console seems to be a useful tool, how do I become familiar with the API you ask…

We chose to couple this new API Console with a set of exercises that will introduce a user to the Lifecycle API using a hosted test instance. By the time a user completes the exercises they will be comfortable completing queries, creating assets and updating assets.  All through the API Console!  For more information on the exercises please click here.  We look forward to your comments and suggestions for enhancements in the future.  Have an idea, head to IdeaSpace and submit it!

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