Tight Integration Between Codesion Subversion and Project Management Tools

October 20, 2009 CollabNet VersionOne

With the release of our new FrogSAFE platform in 2008, a number of new features were introduced. One such feature allows our customers to integrate Codesion’s hosted Subversion and CVS with the 3rd party project management tools like BasecampVersionOneFogBUGZ and Lighthouse. Tight integration with Codesion and the above tools is achieved by simply including key words in with your Subversion or CVS commit log message. Codesion will then automatically, via a custom post-commit hook, update / close / append to the relevant ticket / object in your project management system.

This has been a commonly requested feature over the years as it can be difficult as a project manager or scrum master to get your developers updating your chosen project management solution. Often they have to login to a separate system periodically throughout the day and update their “status”. This takes focus away from the task at hand and can be a distraction, or is often forgotten all together.

Codesion streamlines this process by allowing developers to include key words in with their commit log message, telling Codesion to pro-actively update the relevant data in their chosen project management system.

external codesion services

Fig 1: Specifying your favorite project management system. Found under “Projects” -> NEW. Then click “New” on the “Services” heading.

To use the integration you would include the following syntax in your CVS / Subversion commit log message as follows:

action[service:ExtServiceName, ticket:TicketID]

As an example, your commit log message might look like this…

svn commit -m "completed fast widget close[service:versionone, ticket:23]"

This not only performs a commit to Subversion or CVS, but will also talk to VersionOne and close object number 23, adding your commit log message at the same time.

You can also do this in short hand (using ‘t’ instead of ‘ticket’, and provided you’ve only hooked up one 3rd party system, you don’t even need to specify the “service” key word…

svn commit -m "progress on blue widget [t:25]"

…adding the comment “progress on blue widget” to object number 25.

The syntax is the same no matter what 3rd party project management system you use, so if you choose to switch project management tools, there is no need to learn new syntax, just sign into the Codesion admin site and “add” the new system and your done. The same syntax can be used for our locally hosted Trac service.

For more details see our technical reference here.

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