Top 4 Agile & DevOps Trends for 2017

February 21, 2017 CollabNet VersionOne

Do you know the top four agile and DevOps trends of 2017? Here are the top four trends that every enterprise software leader needs to know.

1. Enterprise organizations will shift their focus from scaling agile and doing DevOps to improving enterprise agility.
While agile and DevOps will by no means go away, enterprise software leaders will shift from having tunnel vision on “scaling agile” and “doing DevOps” to widening their focus to include the full end-to-end value stream: upfront strategic planning, agile development, and DevOps deployment. The mainstream adoption of both agile and DevOps in the enterprise has matured software delivery organizations to a point where they are ready to view agility holistically.

Gain more insight into how agile is maturing and the trends that will define the coming months from the State of Agile Report.

2. Enterprise organizations will seek to truly unify upfront strategic planning, agile development, and DevOps deployment.
As enterprise software leaders begin to focus on their holistic end-to-end enterprise agility and value streams, they will seek to once and for all truly unify upfront strategic planning, agile development, and DevOps deployment. Until the people, process, and tools of these three faux silos are unified, enterprise agility will be impeded.

Learn more about unifying your value stream in the blog post, Dean Leffingwell Answers the Top 7 Questions About SAFe Value Streams.

3. DevOps performance will shift away from being measured by traditional technical metrics to metrics measuring how well business value is being delivered to customers.
As organizations become increasingly conscious of their end-to-end value streams, new metrics and insights are required to continuously streamline the flow of value through DevOps. Merging insights generated during DevOps with the critical business data generated earlier in the software lifecycle is essential to improving overall enterprise agility.

Check out the How to Measure DevOps Performance guide to learn which metrics you should be focusing on to increase enterprise agility.

4. Enterprise agile lifecycle management software and DevOps continuous delivery software will merge into a single platform.
As organizations start managing their end-to-end value streams, they will find that faux silos having 100% separate tooling will become a barrier to enterprise agility. Teams will need to continue to using the tools they are comfortable with, but management will need a single platform that plugs into the tools in place to manage the end-to-end value stream.

Learn more about enterprise software platforms for unified Agile & DevOps.

How Enterprise Agility Emerged

For many years now large enterprise organizations have been focused on accelerating delivery by scaling agile. Many of those organizations have also focused on improving strategic upfront planning with agile practices. More recently these organizations have begun focusing on the benefits DevOps can have on delivering software faster. Unfortunately, each of these three initiatives are typically done in isolation resulting in a fragmented value stream.

Most enterprise organizations’ value streams are fragmented into three main phases: strategy, development, and delivery. In a fragmented value stream, each phase evolves into its own teams, processes, tools, and information that are not fully integrated with the rest of the value stream. This evolution has created an environment where although agile and DevOps adoption is high, the results are not meeting leadership’s expectations.

A handful of top performing enterprise organizations have realized the lofty aspirations of agile and devops by ceasing to sub-optimize these two areas in isolation and start optimizing their entire enterprise value streams.

Unsurprisingly, this is a major transformation that isn’t easy to accomplish. Fortunately the lesson learned from those who have already started the journey can make your journey easier. From these organizations we have gleaned three top lessons.

Top 3 Lesson for Improving Enterprise Agility

  1. Start by Measuring Enterprise Agility – The number one lesson these organizations shared, was starting with measuring your agility. They said that you can’t transform your business overnight or even in a few years, but you can start measuring your agility, identifying your biggest bottlenecks, and increasing your agility.
  2. Measure Business Value – The second lesson learned was that measuring business value is the best measure of enterprise agility. The purpose of your organization is to deliver business value, in the form of working software, to your customers, so measuring the velocity of business value delivery in conjunction with risk, quality, and compliance is the foundation of measuring enterprise agility.
  3. Measuring DevOps Performance is a Top Priority – In many enterprise organizations, the planning and development phases have been significantly optimized, making it relatively easier to track and measure the flow of business value. On the other hand, software delivery is often a black box that is difficult to measure. Until you can track and measure the flow of business value through your DevOps pipelines, you can’t hope to accurately measure enterprise agility.

I hope these predictions prepare you for a prosperous 2017. It will no doubt be an amazing year. Check out these webinar, Unify Agile & DevOps with VersionOne, to learn how to unify portfolio planning, agile development, and continuous delivery so your organization can accelerate delivery with confidence.

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