Unbreakable Software – ISO 26262

April 4, 2013 Lothar Schubert

Fascinating article in the latest edition of Fortune Magazine on the future of the automobile. Labeled ‘Making Your Car Think’ it explores the rapidly growing market for built-in infotainment units. By 2020 (not that far out anymore, if you think about it) IHS analysts estimate some 80% of new vehicles to be equipped with hi-tech dashboards providing a gamut of functionality from navigation to emergency response features to video conferencing. Not an easy task for software. Think consumer-like appeal with military-grade reliability.

A leader in that market, Canada based QNX (who shipped 9+ million units in 2011 alone) has built a reputation for making embedded operating systems that simply do not crash (per Fortune). They certainly do know a thing or two about building world-class software, living up to stringent ISO26262 (Road vehicles Functional safety) standards.  Agile principles and daily builds, and high degree of collaboration across teams and with customers was a contributing factor to ensure highest levels of software quality. Read the case study for details about QNX’s ALM and DevOps initiatives.

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