Universal Subversion Binary Gets Updated and Upgraded

June 11, 2007 CollabNet VersionOne

When I first announced the “Universal OS X Subversion Binary” nearly a month ago, I had no idea that the binary would be such a hit (more than 2700 downloads in four weeks).  Sure, Subversion is an excellent source management system and the Mac is a killer platform but knowing this didn’t prepare me for the impact this has apparently made.  So, how can things get even better?

Well….. we’ve upgraded the binary to Subversion 1.4.4 for starters and that is just the beginning.  The latest version of the binary now includes the Subversion Apache modules for Apache 2.2.x and all Subversion language bindings maintained by the Subversion developers.  This includes bindings for Java, Perl, Python and Ruby.  The 1.4.4 release of the binary includes everything you need for using Subversion as an end-user, developing Subversion-related applications and even for installing a Subversion server.  Nothing has been left out this time around.

The last piece of information to bring to you is related to a new project on openCollabNet where the collaboration and efforts behind this release are handled.  The SVNbinaries project on openCollabNet is a project where you and the rest of the Subversion community can get involved in building and releasing Subversion-related binaries.  The Mac OS X Universal Subversion binary is the first finished product of this project.  The purpose of this project is to allow community members to contribute binaries and information necessary to reproduce the binaries so they can be improved by others.

The reason I bring this project up is not only because it is where the Universal Subversion Binary is developed but also because this is where you will submit bugs, feature requests, new binaries and resources related to the binaries developed and distributed in the project.  If you need a specific binary, a specific binding or even specific Apache modules, the SVNbinaries project is a great place to make those requests or help create them.  The SVNbinaries project is a true community project with the sole purpose to create easy-to-use Subversion installations for the masses.

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