VersionOne Product Release – Fall 2017

October 24, 2017 CollabNet VersionOne

We are excited to announce the VersionOne 2017 Fall Product Release. With this release, VersionOne launches new capabilities that provide teams with greater flexibility for planning and managing software delivery with confidence. Updates to the VersionOne product in the Fall 2017 release include:

VersionOne Lifecycle for Agile ALM

VersionOne Lifecycle for agile ALM provides end-to-end enterprise agile lifecycle management that enables your teams at all levels – enterprise, portfolio, program, and team — to collaborate, develop, and deliver software faster. The 2017 Fall VersionOne Product Release includes the following new features and enhancements:


TaggingTeams now have greater flexibility in managing and organizing their backlogs using factors that are relevant to their perspective. You can add tags on Portfolio Items, Stories, Defects and Test Sets. And, we’ve made managing tags really easy. If you happen to have multiple instances of a tag throughout the system, for example, “admin”, “admin1”, or “admin2” you can merge or edit the text to say “admin” on all records. There is no need to use the API or manually update each asset. Plus, if you are an Administrator, you can see all the assets that have a specific tag, the total number of tags within a category, and tags that are being used outside your scope of work. This lets you see how other teams are using the same tags so that you don’t accidentally merge or change the tags.

Portfolio Items Dependencies

Portfolio Item DependenciesIt’s now easier to identify dependencies earlier in the planning process. When planning for future PI or product releases, you can set the dependencies directly between portfolio items. You no longer need to create a user story and link it to the portfolio item. Plus, you can set the dependencies at any level in the Portfolio Item hierarchy allowing you to create dependencies between Capabilities, Epics, Initiatives, or any level in the hierarchy.

SAFe® Program Board Updates

SAFe Program BoardYou now have visibility into cross-team dependencies regardless of the Team’s schedule in a Program Increment or Release. New date options allow you to specify a cadence that is not dependent on the Team’s iteration schedule, allowing you to define a cadence when rolling up work from multiple teams.

SAFe Solution Board Updates

SAFe Solution BoardCross-organizational dependencies are easier to view on the Solution Board. You have complete visibility into Portfolio Item delivery including significant upstream dependencies in a program defined in Lifecycle. This powerful new feature lets you group the connections in the planning hierarchy and filter by Program. This helps you to put the focus on critical delivery communication for a successful solution release.

Filter Improvements

Filter ImprovementsWe’ve continued to enhance the filtering experience by doubling the number of fields you can filter. Plus, there are now new relationship filters that allow a search between assets such as “created by”. This lets you easily search for backlog groups in the Portfolio Tree. You can also filter by the new tags on the Portfolio Items, Stories, Defects and Test Sets. This helps you to quickly identify items and streamline your workflows. If you are an Administrators can also apply filters to merge, clean-up or delete tags for clean consistent data within the platform.

Feature Guidance

All on-site customers will receive notifications about features that can help you to optimize your processes and workflows. You will also receive important notifications such as when a new release is available or other general announcements – keeping you informed about what is going on with Lifecycle.

CollabNet TeamForge SCM

Lifecycle and TeamForge SCMWe’ve made it easier for our customers who operate in a more regulated industry and need more options with source control management. Lifecycle’s native version control system integration, CommitStream, supports TeamForge SCM. You can now track code commits within Lifecycle workitems and TeamRooms. Also, you can prevent
the deletion of code, secure history protection, and conduct code reviews with TeamForge.

VersionOne Continuum for DevOps

VersionOne Continuum™ is an enterprise-scale continuous delivery solution for accelerating the speed, reducing the risk, and ensuring the quality of complex software deployments. The 2017 Fall VersionOne Product Release includes the following new feature and enhancements:

Delivery Forecasts

Delivery ForecastPredicting value delivery to your end users is even more simple now with each package revision in each phase of the progression board. Plus, the more deliveries the package undergoes, the more accurate the forecast. This helps you to provide an accurate timeframe of when this value will be delivered allowing you to respond quickly to customer demands and be nimble with market changes.

Environments Dashboard

Continuum EnvironmentsNow you can easily see “what’s deployed where” with the new Environments Dashboard. If you are a developer, tester, or product manager you can quickly access the environments that contain the code you’re looking for while managing many concurrent projects and deployments.

Manual Activities

Manual ActivitiesYou can streamline your design process by creating an independent manual activity within the Progression configuration screen when you are implementing your value stream with a Continuum Progression. You no longer need to create a dedicated pipeline for each manual step in the process. Plus, you will receive a notification when an activity has been started by another user but is not yet completed, eliminating duplicate efforts within the team.

Project Creation Wizard

Project Creation WizardThe Project Creation Wizard lets you automatically pair a project within Continuum with an existing code repository and configures the necessary webhooks in your version control system. The wizard removes the extra manual steps and time-consuming activities involved with creating new projects.

CollabNet TeamForge

Continuum and TeamForgeVersionOne Continuum now supports TeamForge SCM for Git and Subversion repositories. Teams using TeamForge SCM (17.11 and up) can take advantage of all the benefits offered by Continuum to gain complete visibility into the flow of TeamForge artifacts through the various phases of development as well as metrics, automation, and much more.

Fall 2017 VersionOne Product Software Update Schedule

Lifecycle Team and Catalyst editions will be updated on October 28, 2017. Lifecycle Enterprise and Ultimate editions will be updated on November 4, 2017.

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VersionOne continues to lead the market with our enterprise-class software planning and delivery platform that unifies Agile, DevOps, and Version Control lifecycle management. Our Fall Release includes more flexibility for Teams enabling them to optimize their entire software delivery value stream. Check out the VersionOne Product Release page to learn more.

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