Virtual Lab and Cloud Management

May 11, 2011 CollabNet VersionOne

Since the release of Lab Management 2.3 it is now possible to install CollabNet Lab Management on a virtual machine.
You may wonder why this is a big deal?

Combine virtual Lab Management (manager) with a VMware vSphere cluster  and a resource pool.
And you have the following benefits:

1. Project teams or geographies can have their own Lab Management (manager) that they can control and have access to all the administrative features. They decided how to allocate system resources amongst their projects.

2. By using a common vSphere (ESX/ESXi) cluster and a resource pool per Lab Management, each project team or geography  are fixed within their boundary of resources, but have the flexible of deciding how to use their resources.

In a nutshell – Team empowerment.
Self service, not just at the system level, but also at system resource level delegated to a geography or project teams.

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