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August 2, 2011 CollabNet VersionOne

tracWe’ve been quiet about this one – it was announced in our Status page, but other than that there was not much publicity around it.

However, now that most wrinkles are ironed out, we are ready to make a big noise about it, and well here it comes (drumroll….):

We have now upgraded all our Trac instances to the latest-and-greatest (stable) Trac version: Trac 0.12.2!!! (Yay!)

This was certainly a challenging project, and we are very proud to have completed it satisfactorily. The main reason of the complexity – and obstacles that our awesome SysAdmins had to deal with – is the amount of plugins that we support at the moment (18 different plugins) – Making sure that all these plugins were still working properly after the upgrade was a very challenging task – (Thanks Tim!).

We are pretty happy with the results, however, some of you have custom settings that might need closer attention. If you see something not expected, please kindly write us to support@codesion.com, and we’ll make sure that all is in order.

Why did Codesion make this upgrade?

Our previous Trac version was getting rapidly outdated. However, more importantly, you guys asked for it (Upgrading Trac was the second most voted feature request in our portal).

Can I opt out and stay on the old version?

No. We no longer support the previous version (0.11.x), and all new and existing Trac instances will be now Trac 0.12.2

What’s new?

There is a few changes here and there. But most importantly, there is a lot of bug fixes. For the whole detailed list please see the Trac changelog.

Also, this upgrade means that we will be able to continue to add more plugins in the future that are designed for this newer version.

For more questions (or issues) please write us to support@codesion.com

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