WEBINAR RECAP: Cutting Edge Cloud Development Platform for Force.com

August 9, 2011 CollabNet VersionOne

Today Codesion hosted a webinar entitled “Cutting Edge Cloud Development Platform for Force.com,” which attracted over 100 attendees and many questions. Watch the recording.

webinar recordingWillie Wang, Codesion’s VP of Products & Services, and Brian Matthews, Founder and CTO of BrainEngine, demonstrated the Developer Workbench – Codesion cloud development solution. This is an IDE designed with Force.com development, and integrates SVN and team management. Also, Brain Engine is fully integrated with Teamforge for build management, and with Codesion Publisher for direct deployment to Force.com.

In case you missed it, here you can access the webinar recording and the slide presentation. Finally, here are the actual attendee questions from the session:

Q: Is the Desktop IDE Windows only?

A: At this moment yes. However, the Cloud IDE – Workbench Next – will be platform independent.

Q: Is it on the roadmap for Smoke tests aka automated deploy and script validation at a smoke level?

A: Yes, that’s something that we are taking a look at… and it is in the roadmap

Q: Are the record changes documented? aka Previous Values and current values in SVN as a change log?

A: Correct, SVN track every file revision and has a full log to show you a history of your versions and changes.

Q: Is it possible to use git instead of svn?

A: Codesion does offer git service, however, the in-depth integration is currently available for SVN for now, git is on the roadmap.

Q: can you tell me where to get documentation on the recipe for the publisher

A:  Yes, you can find more info at help.codesion.com, or emailing support@codesion.com

Q: Is it Workbench (the demonstrated IDE) crucial? Or the same cloud solution can be done in VS or eclipse?

A: You won’t be able to do the same things in VS or eclipse, BrainEngine IDE has much more capabilities for deployment and development specifically for Force.com

Q: Development workbench is like Teamforge?

A: BrainEngine Development Workbench is the IDE, like Eclipse or Visual Studio, but specifically for Force.com development.

TeamForge is the Agile Lifecycle Management tool, where you enter your defects, user stories, product backlog items, it also integrates with SVN.

Q: when will the cloud ide be available

A: It will be available later today. Please check brainengine.net

Q: does workbench support non-developer metadata (layouts, custom objects, profile etc)  does also address metadata larger then 400MB limit when dealing with large orgs

A: Yes, you can download everything that fits within your Salesforce org limits.

Q: does it save to force.com or repository on save?  And what happen if the code in invalid.

A: Both ways. It actually connects to the objects in real time back to Salesforce.

Q: can we get dev org or test access

A: Of course, you can sign up for a Force developer account for free at force.com, you can download BrainEngine ide at www.brainengine.net, you can sign up for a trial account at Codesion for SVN, TeamForge at http://codesion.com

Q: Is TeamForge the only ALM tool that this product can integrate with?

A: Yes. BrainEngine and CollabNet have partner up to bring Teamforge integration and deployment through Codesion (CollabNet’s cloud services).

Q: Did you say that you could run queries from the IDE instead using other apps like Apex Explorer and if so can you give a quick example

A: Yes. You are just limited by Salesforce allows you to do.

Q: Could you post the URL where we can get access to the Cloud based IDE? Also, am already using Codesion/SVN — do i have to buy them separately?

A:  Yes, the IDE is provide by BrainEngine.net – our partner – however, you’d need to visit their site to access the IDE.

Q: If I have to roll back to a previous release in a sandbox, will this software automatically sync up the sandbox org to the previous release configuration (e.g. delete any classes that were added)

A: Yes, you can go back to an older version and trigger a new build and publish that.

Q: is this demo the browser IDE or the desktop IDE?

A: The video from the webinar demo correspond to the Desktop IDE.

Q: Post the discount URL!!

A: The discount promocode for Codesion (new Pro signups or Pro upgrades) offered to our attendees (and readers of this post) can be found here

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