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April 14, 2009 Jack Repenning

In the "echo chamber" of announcements and reviews and blogs and twitters, the first thing I actually saw about our release of CollabNet TeamForge 5.2, today, was a Tweet that had been shortened down to

Collabnet Sheds SourceForge …

Uh, no no no! As it says in the actual article (a very solid piece by Sean Kerner, at internetnews.com):

Collabnet Sheds Sourceforge Name

Say hello to TeamForge: Collabnet takes the former SourceForge assets in a new direction

We haven't dropped SourceForge Enterprise Edition, our former product—far from it! Just changed the name. And even the name "SourceForge" hasn't been dropped. It's still firmly and safely in the hands of SourceForge, Inc. (formerly VA Software), where it's always been. They just let us share it for a while.

This is a great release! Users of the previous product, CollabNet SourceForge Enterprise, will immediately notice performance gains all over the app. And only a blink or so later, they'll start to notice major new components, a more graceful and gracious user interface, and loads of smaller fixes and features. Those who were operating at the high end of the former product's capacity will benefit immediately from improved scalability. This product hasn't been dropped, it's powering forward!

Users of our other feature product, CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE) can get a preview of things to come their way as well. Just as many of the new features in the TeamForge line are imported directly from CEE, as equally is the performance engineering work that's so evident in the new TeamForge, so also the many unique features of TeamForge are coming to CEE. As we've announced before, when we've narrowed the feature gap and closed the scale gap, we'll bring the two products into convergence. That'll bring a lot of new value to the CEE customer, like the ability to associate objects from all over the product together, and the automated "linkification" of any reference from one issue or comment or message to another.

Today, we also announced a strategic partnership with VMware. VMware Studio is a great, free tool for authoring virtual appliances, and beautifully complements our Lab Management system for dynamically allocating build and test hosts, virtual (or physical). Build in TeamForge, package in VMware Studio, deploy into Lab Manager: all integrated, sharing sign-on, accounting, and reporting. Slick!

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