Which VersionOne Edition is Right for You?

September 24, 2012 Robert Holler

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, VersionOne now has multiple product editions – Team, Catalyst, Enterprise, and Ultimate.  While it is important to us to maintain a consistent look-and-feel and overall user experience across all editions, each has been uniquely “right-sized” to support the needs of teams of different sizes and stages of their agile adoption.

As an example, Team Edition is much lighter weight, with far fewer options and features than other editions, and is meant to be easy to adopt for small teams just getting started with an agile tool.  It’s also free, so don’t expect it to do everything!

At the other end of the spectrum, Ultimate Edition contains “the kitchen sink” of agile project management tooling and is targeted at larger organizations scaling agile across multiple teams, programs, and locations.  Included is everything from agile product portfolio planning, to road mapping, to customer idea management, to a custom report-writer.

Below is a quick summary of each edition, as well as their most common usage scenarios.

  • Team Edition – single-project release and iteration tracking for both stories and defects
  • Catalyst Edition – multi-project management for teams just ramping up their agile initiatives
  • Enterprise Edition – agile management at scale across multiple teams, projects, and programs
  • Ultimate Edition – organization-wide agile adoption across product portfolios and business units

In order to minimize your upgrade risk, we also made the upgrade process drop-dead simple. Instead of scripts, imports/exports, and mass copying/pasting, the process is 100% automated.  All you have to do is go through a quick setup, choose Upgrade and within minutes, voila – your shiny new edition is up and running with the same familiar UI.  This helps ensure that team members don’t have to learn a new UI, just the latest and greatest features available to them in your upgraded product edition.

There is a lot more to each product edition than we can communicate in a single blog, so check out our Compare Editions page to see all the ‘exciting’ details and associated pricing.

Our goal is simply to provide the very best starting point for your team based on your current size, needs and budget and easily grow with you over time as you scale.

In the end, we just don’t want teams to have to worry about their tool decision or whether the product you use today can scale with you as you grow.  With our series of “right-sized” product editions, you can choose one agile tool vendor to meet your evolving needs for a very, very long time.

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