You ask, you get…CloudForge has Alerts!

September 25, 2012 Bhavin Raval

Hey everyone,

I’m Bhavin Raval, Product Owner of  Once CloudForge was made generally available to the public, our first priority was to listen and respond to the feedback our customers inputted into the “How can we make it better for you?” text-boxes available at the bottom of every page within the CloudForge application.  I would like to take this moment to say how important your feedback is to us and that we take each one very seriously.  Thanks to our active customer base, we have implemented some great features to our new platform.  I will periodically blog  as we launch a feature that is directly influenced by either our CloudForge customers or evolving market dynamics.

Today, I would like to announce the launch of CloudForge Alerts!  This feature is mainly targeted for our customers who use CloudForge as their primary development platform and are experiencing high growth in their business.  Many of these customers had reported that they lose the sight of critical account actions and as a result either have to wait, seek help of CloudForge support teams or sometimes face the situation where they can’t do anything until the action is resolved.


For example in above scenario, the alert is letting a user know that they are soon going to run out of storage space.  When they click the alert, they will be presented with the action they can take to add more storage space.  By design, we are allowing owners of the account, financial users that have been delegated to handle the billing management, and organizational level admins to see these alerts.

Additionally, we developed alert scenarios for an account running out of number of users or number of instances of the services that they most frequently use.   Also, events as basic as account verification are covered via alerts as well, so account admins and owner(s) never lose sight of what needs their attention immediately.

We would love to hear your feedback about this feature and more importantly, we would like to know additional alerts that you’d like to see in your account.  We will do our best to incorporate your request as soon as possible.

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