Zennaware releases Cornerstone 2 for the Mac

November 3, 2010 CollabNet VersionOne

Cornerstone logo Zennaware announced their release of Cornerstone 2 for the Mac last week – the popular Mac-only Subversion client.

Cornerstone 2 brings with it significant improvements and new features, notably:

  • Improved merge functionality between branches with four different types of merges (branch sync, branch reintegration, cherry pick changes, advanced mode)
  • Improvements to visual and text diff viewers
  • Log viewer improvements
  • Tagging and branching additional functions added
  • 64-bit support added
  • SASL support added (svn://)
  • Performance improvements
  • Connection to Codesion Cloud Services

There’s a whole swagger of new features and enhancements – check out the release notes for a full run down.

Screenshot: With support for a whole range of merging strategies, the Working Copy Checklist and the Change Preview, merging has never been so easy.

Screenshot: Starting with Codesion, Cornerstone makes connecting to hosted repositories super-easy.

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