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February 28, 2017 CollabNet VersionOne

Are you considering or currently practicing the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®)? Learn how leading software organizations succeed with SAFe and the VersionOne Enterprise Agile Platform in this overview of our webinar, SAFe Made Simple with VersionOne.

The VersionOne Enterprise Agile platforms supports SAFe and allows organizations to:

  • Quickly set up your SAFe Portfolio structure
  • Align strategy with delivery using Strategic Themes and Budgets
  • Plan and track progress at all levels of the portfolio using multi-level Kanbans
  • Ensure cross-team alignment during PI Planning with the Program Board
  • Establish PI Objectives, assess business value achieved, and track team PI performance and program predictability
  • Include Scrum and Kanban teams in the same program
  • Track SAFe metrics
  • Sustain collaboration and continuity across your organization with communities of practice
  • Seamlessly incorporate DevOps and maintain visibility of business value all the way to your customer

Enable SAFe Across the Enterprise

Enabling SAFe Across the Enterprise
VersionOne provides a centralized environment that simplifies your adoption and implementation of SAFe, supporting SAFe’s constructs, practices, and metrics. This includes communities of practice and DevOps.

We frequently collaborate with Dean Leffingwell and Scaled Agile Inc. to ensure that the VersionOne platform provides strong support of SAFe as it evolves. You can always feel confident that as SAFe delivers new constructs, practices, and metrics, VersionOne will be enabling you to support them.

Managing Value Streams

Managing Value Streams
In the top-right corner of the SAFe diagram, you can see SAFe’s primary construct, the value stream. Success with SAFe depends on organizing around value streams as opposed to individual projects.

Identify Value Stream Inefficiencies

Identify Value Stream Inefficiencies
The value stream construct is a Lean concept that can be traced back to the Toyota Production System, Deming, and even is referenced in a 1918 book by Charles E. Knoeppel entitled Installing Efficiency Methods. The essential activity of value stream management is to identify your value stream’s delays and waste. Addressing those delays enables you to improve overall value stream lead time.

Value Stream Visibility Challenges

Value Stream Visibility Challenges
In most software organizations, the measurement and improvement of the value stream is limited to the value creation portion of the stream. This is the part of the value stream that includes planning and development. It ends when the user stories are done.

Value Stream Visibility Challenges

Losing Business Value
This is a challenge because our value stream hasn’t actually realized value until something has been delivered to the customer. This is the value delivery portion of the stream. In most enterprise organizations, this part of the value stream is a black box — except to the people whose job it is to package and deploy software.

This means that the people involved in planning and development lose sight of the value they’ve created once it gets handed over for packaging and deployment. It also means that the people packaging and deploying code are in the dark as to what business value is being delivered.

business value visibility

In other words, the business value visibility, which should be continuous throughout the entire value stream, goes dark as you cross over into the delivery part of the value stream.

Why Tracking Business Value Through Delivery is Important for SAFe
1. Delivery and DevOps are going to receive much more emphasis in the SAFe this year.
2. VersionOne maintains business visibility across the value stream, measures DevOps performance, and improves enterprise agility.

I hope this overview helps you better understand SAFe value streams. This was just a portion of the guidance provided in our recent webinar. Check out the full webinar on-demand to get practical guidance on simplifying SAFe with VersionOne.




Visit our website to learn more about how VersionOne supports SAFe.

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