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Enterprise Visibility is Great, But What Do I Need at the Team Level to Be Successful?

Delivering quality software faster keeps you ahead of the competition and drives revenue. An end-to-end enterprise agile lifecycle management platform that enables your teams at all levels—Enterprise, Portfolio, Program, and Team—to scale agile in the enterprise is essential. But what are the specific features needed specifically at the Team level in order to be successful?

VersionOne is the only agile platform to offer multi-dimensional visualizations, reporting, and analytics that help you make the right decisions when it matters most. View this product demo to learn about VersionOne’s features and benefits for Agile Project and Team Management.

You will learn about VersionOne’s:

- TeamRoom™ to focus, track and collaborate with your team
- Team Scorecards to drill into key team-level performance indicators
- Communities of Practice to build & promote best practices across teams
- Conversations to enhance agile team collaboration
- Sprint/Iteration Planning with a flexible “whiteboard” experience for agile planning
- Reviews and Retrospectives to easily review your work 

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