Forrester Report: Elevate Agile-plus-DevOps with Value Stream Management

Agile-plus-DevOps practices and tools have been widely adopted over the past decade to deliver high-quality software with speed. However, to compete in today’s rapidly advancing digital era, organizations are evolving their vision from producing output to delivering software that consistently and predictably aligns with business objectives and customer needs. To achieve that, they need the ability to visualize the flow of value across the entire software pipeline and connected toolchain. Agile-plus-DevOps efforts alone do not provide the visibility and measurement needed to capture value data and show the impact of development efforts on the balance sheet. This is why organizations are increasingly applying Value Stream Management (VSM) to elevate Agile-plus-DevOps and accelerate value delivery.

The Forrester report, Elevate Agile-plus-DevOps with VSM, sheds light on how VSM helps organizations integrate disparate tools, better understand the value they deliver, implement efficiencies to the delivery process, and track how software efforts are resulting in greater revenue and higher customer engagement. Forrester emphasizes that now is the time to implement VSM since organizations are increasingly struggling with lack of visibility at the portfolio-level, fragmented views of the end-to-end delivery lifecycle, poor management and optimization of development pipelines, and unclear continuous improvement methodologies.

The report further explains that organizations must map and analyze, visualize, and govern value streams to align and scale their Agile-plus-DevOps transformations with the business. With VSM, they are better positioned to resolve disconnects in the end-to-end stream, visualize where value is gained or lost, and fine-tune the planning and management of products, resources, work items, and releases to streamline value delivery.

The report encourages investing in a VSM solution that includes the ability to integrate with DevOps tools, connect each role in the software delivery process, provide greater visibility and analytics on delivered value, and more. Forrester recommends experimenting with VSM solutions now to gain immediate improvements in value delivery.

To fulfill the growing need for enterprise-scale VSM solutions, vendors from a variety of backgrounds are building VSM capabilities into their existing tools. The report shares a map of the major vendors in the market to help you select the best partner for your VSM program. 

Lastly, the report offers four major recommendations on how to start your VSM journey which include getting educated on VSM’s ability to provide a connected view of the delivery pipeline and conducting a VS exercise to understand where the current delivery pipeline generates waste and value.

All of these findings and recommendations are discussed in detail in the report. Read the full Forrester report to learn:

●      How VSM fills the gaps in Agile-plus-DevOps efforts

●      How to navigate common challenges that disrupt visibility into the flow of value

●      VSM tool capabilities to consider

●      Map of today’s VSM vendors and their technology backgrounds (CI/CD, ALM etc.)

●      Practical steps to start your VSM journey

CollabNet has been an early thought leader and industry voice for VSM, advocating that VSM tools and practices are essential for aligning Agile and DevOps with the business in order to deliver customer results. We hope this report helps you transform your Agile-plus-DevOps development environments into real digital business drivers with Value Stream Management.

Elevate Agile + DevOps

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