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Streamline ISO 26262 Compliance in a Modern Software Development Environment

Software development in the Automotive industry is getting more and more complex. Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) is a prime example of a complex, evolutionary and distributed system. The ecosystem consists of many components and sensors for steering, accident avoidance, machine vision, cruise control, navigation, and braking. These components are provided by a complex supply chain with suppliers using different software stacks that utilize various software development methodologies and comprise millions of lines of code.

Adhering to common coding standards establishes safe and secure software development practices across the supply chain. There is also the increase in adoption and refinement in DevOps and Agile practices to automate workflows and establish value streams.

Parasoft’s automated software testing tools work seamlessly within the CollabNet VersionOne world and can help you streamline compliance testing. This webinar covers the following topics:

  • Bidirectional Traceability of Requirements, Test, Defects and Code
  • Merging of Code Coverage from Unit, Integration and System level testing
  • Monitoring compliance throughout the entire development lifecycle
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