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Holistic Solutions Drive The "Value" In Value Stream Management

Where’s the “Value” in your Value Stream?

Agile & DevOps are key transformation practices to delivering better software faster, but they do not go far enough. How do you ensure your software delivers value to customers?

Value Stream Management (VSM) helps align and scale Agile & DevOps with the business to deliver customer results. It provides complete visibility into the flow of value across the entire software delivery lifecycle and connected toolchain. You can identify bottlenecks, minimize waste, and uncover areas of improvement to optimize your value stream.

CollabNet VersionOne commissioned Forrester Consulting to research how VSM adoption has helped IT and Business Professionals move the needle on delivering key software objectives. Learn about:

  • Software capabilities important to value delivery
  • Common challenges that disrupt the flow of value
  • Software success achieved by early VSM adopters
  • Best practices on selecting the right VSM solution
  • Recommendations for adopting a VSM practice

Use practical insights from Forrester’s research to begin or grow your VSM initiative to become a value-driven organization and deliver software that meets customer demands.

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